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Mission & Values

Mission Statement:

Serenity Hill Counseling and Wellness is dedicated to merging evidence based principles with holistic approaches to deliver an integrated treatment experience to treat the WHOLE person - mind, body, soul!

SHCW Values

Quality Care: Professionals carrying out SHCW's Vision and Mission will have the appropriate credentials, training, and experience to do so. 


Healing / Spiritual Support: SHCW guides our clients in their healing journeys by offering Counseling & Holistic services, community events, and providing resources.

Accessible & Affordable: SHCW strives to offer services and events that are both accessible and affordable to the public. We do this by considering the cost of living in our community and utilizing in-person and telehealth opportunities. 


Building a Healing Network: SHCW believes it takes a tribe - Belonging and Connection are integral in personal wellbeing. We provide, build, and encourage a healing network to meet individual and unique needs. 

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