SHCW Memberships

Why a Membership?

Who Will Benefit?

  • Clients who wish to engage multiple services including:​​

    • Counseling​

    • Holistic - Yoga, Massage, Reiki, Card Readings

    • Chakra PEMF Mat

    • Essential Oil Table

    • Retail 

  • Clients who desire Affordability​ & Accessibility

  • Clients wanting a well-rounded treatment approach

  • Clients willing to dedicate themselves to self-care and healing

  • Clients wishing to commit to a holistic way of li

  • Clients wanting to make changes in their lives

  • Clients needing a place that provides soothing, positive vibes!

At Serenity Hill Counseling & Wellness, we offer many beneficial Services that promote healing for Mind, Body, Spirit. We do our best, at SHCW, to make all Services affordable while also ensuring quality. Our way of making Quality Services affordable is through SHCW Memberships! Memberships provide our Clients the chance to utilize and benefit from all that SHCW has to offer!

What's Included in a Membership?
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Becoming a Member
Buddha Statue

Breaking a Membership Commitment

  • If a Member chooses to end their Membership before their designated time frame is over - results in a $90 fee 

  • Fee will need to be paid before a Client can become a Member again

General Info:

  • Memberships Offered include:

    • Month-to-Month​

    • 3 Month Commitment

    • 6 Month Commitment

    • 12 Month Commitment

  • Month-to-Month Membership

    • No Commitment Required​

    • Automatic Payments will be Processed from Month-to-Month

    • End Membership at Anytime, No Additional Fees

  • Commitment Memberships​

    • Locked in for a Specified Amount of Time ​

    • Automatic Payments will be Collected for the Amount of Time Chosen

    • Subjected to a Breaking Commitment Fee (see below)

  • Each Member Receives a Membership Card with their Name & Card ID #

  • Receive Discounts / Free Services including Cole B's! & Willow of Light Holistic Studio!​​​​

  • Membership Costs

    • Month-to-Month = $45 per month

    • 3 Month Commitment = $45 per month

    • 6 Month Commitment = $43 per month

      • $12 Savings per Year!​

    • 12 Month Commitment = $40 per month

      • $60 Savings per Year!

  • To Join:

    • Schedule a FREE Consultation with Alaina

    • Choose a Membership Frequency

    • Provide Information Requested including:

      • First, Last Name​

      • Email

      • Phone Number

      • Debit/Credit Card 

    • Receive a Membership Card ​