About Me

Alaina Breakiron, MA LPC NCC

I get asked frequently:

"Why did you become a counselor?" 

I have placed years worth of experience and growth into being able to answer this question. 


I became a Licensed Professional Counselor in the year 2017 after 8 years of schooling and 5 years working in the Addiction & MH fields. Presently, I have 8 years within the Counseling Field. I am Finally at a place in my career - to build a dream - an integrative wellness center! I made it to the end game - which now has become another beginning!

This was not an easy road, though; let me tell you. 

I have spent my years after my undergrad studies in 2012 and beyond - gaining experience in different areas of Addiction, Mental Health, and Corrections. I gained leadership skills along the way as well. My journey so far - allows me to provide adequate treatment and supervision opportunities to my community and professional peers alike. This was the easy part. 

The hard part....

Addiction has always peaked my interest both personally and professionally. Not only do I have countless family members and friends who have suffered the disease of addiction, but I too - have succumbed to various addictions throughout my young lifetime. The road to recovery may seem like an uphill battle, at times; but the reward is well worth it! To lead a healthy, worthwhile lifestyle!


I was successful in developing an individual recovery plan that has since kept me sober for the past 7 years and counting! Not without it's challenges though.

This is WHY I became a Counselor -

  • To mold evidenced based treatments with holistic approaches  -  so we can treat the WHOLE person, not just 1 piece!

  • To provide quality treatment where people can experience real change!

  • To build a community of healing and badass people!