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Courtney Kubovcik, LSW


Courtney Kubovcik, LSW

Courtney K is a licensed social worker and behavioral health therapist specializing in trauma-informed care. As a practitioner, Courtney uses embodiment techniques and integrative approaches to treatment. Courtney has been serving vulnerable populations for over a decade and understands the cycles of trauma. Without exception, Courtney believes that all people are worthy of health and abundance; and that we all have the potential for healing within! 

I believe that people are the experts in their own lives. My job is not to "fix" clients, but to help them build the skills they the need to "fix" themselves. I help my clients find the right tools so they can thrive in their lives. I also offer clients a unique spiritual focus to build new coping skills. I help others learn to live and grow through individual and group practices. 

Ask me about my Anxiety and Depression Groups!

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