Alaina Breakiron, Owner


Alaina Breakiron, MA LPC

Why did I become a counselor? 

How did I choose this career path? 

What made you want a counseling & wellness center? 


The simple answers…

I became a counselor to help people like me. I choose this career path because I’m passionate about the work I do. I opened a counseling and wellness center to have freedom from the corporate machines. 

The loaded answers… you ready for this?! 

I became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2017 and currently have 10 years working in the counseling field. Addiction and Mental Health have always peaked my interest both personally and professionally. Not only do I have countless family members and friends who have suffered from these issues; but I too have succumbed to various addictions and depression throughout my lifetime. I have been successful in creating an individualized recovery plan that maintains not only my sobriety but also my health as a whole - mind, body, AND spirit. I am proud to say that I am 100% clean with the help of my support system; my individualized treatment plan with dedicated professionals; my spirituality; and my learned ability to cope and feel my emotions. 


I wanted a career where I could share my story and help others who have walked a similar path as my own. To connect with people and let them know - “you’re not alone”. I wanted to build a place where I wouldn’t feel afraid of judgements and criticisms. A place where I would be able to break through the stigmas plaguing addiction and mental health - especially among my professional peers in the counseling fields. A place I could explore the benefits of Holistic Health & find like-minded peers. Thus - SHCW was born! 

My passion in life is to spread mental health and addiction awareness to increase the ability to heal in my community. SHCW allows me to do this while also networking and building a Healing Community. 

Come! Join Us! Soak up all the healing vibes SHCW has to offer!