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Evidence Based Practices


Holistic Healing

Mind, Body, Soul


SHCW is a unique concept that was created to incorporate healing for the WHOLE Person!

SHCW brings together different aspects of the counseling and holistic worlds to heal - mind, body, and spirit. We explore what it means to have a mind/body connection and how to assist people in healing the mind/body TOGETHER. For far too long- our society has separated the 2 - the mind & the body. While we have made great strides in the world of medicine, we have also taken hundreds of steps backwards in the world of spirituality and emotional well-being. We have downplayed our innate ability to heal. At SHCW we dive into the world of holistic healing while combining this with evidenced-based treatment options to encompass ALL areas of wellness. We strive to build a wealthy healing network so that each client, each person can seek the healing options that are best for them! The client is guided to take their power back and take control of their individual, unique lives. Yes, our staff is highly qualified and credentialed in each of their areas of knowledge and experience... BUT we push our Clients to be the experts of their own lives! The staff, we are guides who walk beside the client during their healing journeys! We welcome all walks of life -- so please, come and explore what SHCW has to offer!

Specializing In: 


Currently - Many forms of addiction affect thousands, millions of people. It's not just opiates, cocaine, alcohol, benzos but also gambling, food, phones, social media, video games - even exercise!... and many many others. Addiction does not discriminate. Addictions affect many different communities and people including professionals. At SHCW, we provide a safe place for ALL people to seek treatment and a place where they feel comfortable to be their own Self. We treat the Whole Self by addressing drug use, relapse prevention, developing an individual recovery plan that is fit for the individual person, and providing many types of support. There is a positive lifestyle awaiting you! 

When people hear the word "depression", some will think about people who sleep all day, isolating themselves from the world - but depression is much more than the "ordinary" assumptions. Depression may look like Robin Williams, Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell. Depression may look like anger and irritability instead of tiredness and sleeping all day. Millions of people function with depression daily and millions don't function at all - many suffer from suicidal thoughts and attempts. At SHCW, we use a range of techniques to assist people in finding purpose in their lives once again. By changing the thought processes, addressing core beliefs and values, and developing a more positive lifestyle full of laughter and joy!

Anxiety can be paralyzing for people living with this disorder from day to day. Anxiety can cause people to become "stuck" in their own fears and past whether the cause is trauma, old behaviors that are no longer serving the person, or the other 100 thousand reasons why anxiety seeps into our minds and body. Anxiety is very much a physical response as it is a mental response to maladaptive thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you in the "fear" zone and from reaching your full potential! Here at SHCW, we will assist people in squashing their anxiety tendencies and work toward reaching their short and long term goals. You no longer have to be weighed down by fear and anxiety! Lets build confidence and a self-care routine that will serve you better in the now! 

Trauma Informed

Trauma has a way of seeping into our minds / bodies / pores and wrapping it's sticky grip around our hearts and brains. Trauma changes us for life. Trauma changes they way our brains function and develop. Trauma leads to substance abuse disorders, other MH disorders such as depression and anxiety, and relationship conflicts; in addition to whole lifestyle struggles surrounding work and socialization. Trauma is insidious. At SHCW, we use a variety of techniques to assist in the healing of trauma with both mind/body/ and soul. We provide different healing options that offer both traditional therapy / counseling & holistic approaches so our clients can receive a well rounded treatment approach. You deserve to live a life free from the grip of trauma and pain!  

Managing Anger

Many therapies, techniques, and counselors focus on anger management as a negative symptoms or behavior issue that needs to be "eradicated" in order for the person to be successful at life. This isn't always the case, however; there is a different way in approaching anger, if appropriate for the client. Anger can be used as a tool for success if the client can be open-minded, take a different perspective, and learn how to hone their anger as a motivational push to reach their goals and dreams. At SHCW, we teach and guide the client in  not just learning how to cope and overcome anger, but also how to use anger to their advantage to reach their highest Self and Potential. 

Resolving Conflict

Relationship conflicts will often not just affect the people involved, but also the people around them - such as our families, peers, co-workers, and others. Often times, the issue with relationship conflicts involve communication errors or a lack there of. Yelling, screaming, walking away become the norm - which means issues and problems are getting swept under the rug for a later day, maybe a later hour. At SHCW we work with couples, families, co-workers, etc on how to develop positive communication skills in conflict resolution. As we review the skills, it's going to seem simple. You may even say "well I can do that!" - until the moment comes to apply the skill and all the practice goes out the window. So this will take dedication, commitment and practice on your end! But the end result will be positive relationships and a happier you!