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Our Approach

SHCW is a unique concept that was created to incorporate healing for the WHOLE Person! While we have made great strides in the world of medicine, we have also taken hundreds of steps backwards in the world of spirituality and emotional well-being. We have downplayed our innate ability to heal. At SHCW we dive into the world of holistic healing while combining this with evidenced-based treatment options to encompass ALL areas of wellness. We strive to build a healing network to increase connection & a sense of belonging. The client is guided to take their power back and take control of their individual, unique lives. Staff at SHCW are credentialed & skilled in each of their areas of wellness; but we also guide our clients to be the experts of their own lives! We welcome all walks of life!

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Specializing In:


Counseling Services

The Key to surviving and thriving as a Human Being is Connection. The most important aspect of any type of Counseling is the Therapeutic Relationship between Client and Therapist. At SHCW, we strive to make the Therapeutic Relationship a top priority!

Therapeutic Relationships = Connection. 


Once a Connection is established, a Licensed Professional will utilize evidence-based techniques to assist their Client in making progress with their treatment goals. SHCW offers a variety of counseling services including individual, family, & group related services. We assess and accept clients who come from a variety of backgrounds. Common issues we treat include addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma-related issues, relationship conflicts and more! 

Holistic Services


 A Holistic Lifestyle is being connected to a wholeness and creating a lifestyle that nourishes you as a whole.

It's a way of thinking rather than an exact system.

A Holistic Lifestyle approach integrates 3 main parts – Mind, Body, & Soul. At SHCW, we offer Holistic Services in coordination with our Counseling Services to assist people in healing as a "whole."

Holistic Services offered at SHCW include but are not limited to: Yoga, Massage Therapy, Reiki & Energy Healing, Chakra PEMF Mat, Aromatherapy and more!

Holistic Approaches may include: meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing, body scanning.